Fresh from the printer #awp14
““And now each night, I count the stars. And each night I get the same number. And when the stars won’t come to be counted, I count the holes they leave.” ― Amiri Baraka”
Once the patient knocks out, it’s just me and this book stack and some organic rooibos #numi
“If writing a novel has taught me anything it has taught me this: I will never again say ‘I am finishing a novel’ or ‘I’m almost done with my novel’ or ‘This is it! The last draft!’ or ‘I’m getting really close!’ Every time I have ever said, or even thought, any of those things the endpoint has almost immediately receded before me, mirage-like.”

I am happy to announce that Vintage Black Glamour - THE BOOK! -  is scheduled to be published in Spring 2014!  Starting today, you can register your interest in the book (registering is different from pre-ordering, which will be available starting early February) at My publisher is Rocket 88 an imprint of London-based Essential Works, and after you register, you will be contacted by email in early 2014 with further details about the book and, if you wish, you may pre-order at that time. Once again, thank you so much! ~ Nichelle Gainer
Happy to announce that I’m So Fine: a list of famous men and what I had on is now available for download! Cop it for $3 here:
I’m so fine is now offline until further notice. A little Conduit as consolation.

"What if someone had told me, thirtyyears ago: If you give up, now, wanting to be an artist, he mightlove you all your life—what would Ihave said? I didn’t even have an art,it would come from out of our family’s life— what could I have said: nothing will stop me.” 
—Stag’s Leap by Sharon Olds

“How can Hip-Hop be dead when Wu-Tang is Forever?”